Monclar Hotel, 250 years of history!

The building is from the end of 18th century, therefore more than 250 years old.

The De FLANDRESY, which their crest still and always appears above the entrance of the actual hotel, were the founders and first owners. They gave their personal ownership to Miss. Pauline CHABAUD, who already owned a property to Cucuron but also the least prestigious hotel de l’Europe on the place Crillon.
Since then, the owner of the hotel had changed many times until succeed finally the family De Terris around the years 1920-1930. This last rent the building which since then, used as commercial.

It will become in turn, nursing home, clinical for treatments in the steam of octozone, private hospital of deliveries and finally hotel.
My parents, Philippe and Sylvie CLOTA, bought the commercial fund on 1987, 1st April. Many works had been necessary to inspire a new life in this building which was in a pitiable condition.

In January 1996 after tens years of work to revive this remains to its charism of yesteryear, they bought the structure, and could therefore undertake major renovation of rooms, and common parts. Of course, it will be difficult too “change” the walls because of their thickness. In addition, the character of the structure was kept as origin, the provision and the arrangement of the rooms.

Now, the hotel has 11 rooms, on two floors within a nice flowered garden and a private car park.